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The Complete Digital Plan

We can assist with your listing on the search engines, reputation, social media posting and messaging across all platforms.

Our plan helps you build your reputation to a 5 star reputation and the proper way of handling bad reviews, also the way to market the good reviews. Then the ability to then drive traffic to your site through the search engines. Why do we do that because if you have a 2 star rating and we build traffic to your site through search and the second and third search shows a better reputation, then all your spending on search just drives traffic to your competition. Wasting your dollars before you have a chance to address these issues.

We can do it all for you and report daily, weekly, and monthly on all the posts and work by getting you a snapshot report on how your are doing vs your competition.

Ask about our VIP program that allows you 3 levels to choose from. Our DIY Starter platform for $199.00 per month with a $199.00 set up. 

Our VIP Done-For-You Starter platform is $499.00 per Month and with a $299.00 Set-up.

Our VIP Done for You Premium Platform with Social media posting and Management $899.00 per month and $499.00 set up.

Here is the link to your snapshot of your business and how you rank on all the search engines that are relevant to your industry or call Chuck at 719-313-7945 and we will run your snapshot for you for Free.

Digital Loyalty Program

Loyalty or rewards programs are a way to drive repeat business from the customers that frequent your business. But no one wants to carry around your punch card anymore. If its not digital they won't use it. Our platform is hosted and buy allowing customers to start just by entering their phone number on a 8" tablet you can help them become loyal customers. Whether you want to offer the baker's dozen like they get one for free after 12 visits. All rewards can be a mobile coupon and you can track when they redeem them. Loyalty programs work and your business can start this immediately for $97.00 per month. Text Program with 5 vanity keyword 2000 texts/mo.

Custom Mobile Apps

Our team has put together thousand of mobile apps for every type of business

Our developers look to build your business app for building your customer loyalty

We are offering Local Colorado Business the opportunity to have their custom app built for your business. Those customers that would like to see our developers work Check Out These.

15 Apps Available: Prices for these fantastic apps would normally be $3000 to $5000 each to set up.

This Monthly Only $495.00 set-up and $90.00 per Month starting 2nd Month.

Call 719-313-7945 Chuck Zulanas

Be Everywhere You Need To Be

The hardest part of owning a business is managing the time you spend doing jobs that are not in your wheelhouse. There are many solutions for marketing to future customers and your established customers. Our goal for you is to give you tools that can be put on auto-pilot and allow you the time to work your business the way you need too.

We have done-for-you services that make sense but your business may or may not need all the tools in our tool box for digital marketing. Lets discuss your business and look at what you're doing and what you like to have done, then let's look at the holes or programs that will enhance or replace what you're currently doing but it will save you time and money.

Every Business is looking for digital transformation so they can automate their processes. ZuTech Media is here to help you automate your marketing to drive Consistent Economical and Reliable paths to bring your customers back each week.

Call Chuck at 719-313-7945 to set up a face to face meeting and demo.

Text Marketing

SMS or Text Marketing is by far the most economical plan for local businesses to connect with the mobile customers directly.

Email has a 3-8% open rate, Direct Mail is 1-3% unless the offer is fabulous than it could be 15%. But Text Marketing is 95% open rates within the 1st Hour of you sending it.

It creates immediate response or reading and brings you back to top of mind when your customers are out shopping locally.

Mobile Coupons on a special for the day or weekend is a great way to brand and move customers back to your store.

Digital Loyalty is another way with text to reward repeat customers for coming back and without any cards to punch, its all digital based on their phone number. Our Text Plans start at $97.00 per month with $99.00 set up.

Digital Marketing Programs for SMB in Colorado

Facebook Header Videos

As you check out Facebook Fan pages you have probably noticed videos in the header showing the company information. This is one of our strong points. Video Creation of these header videos take 2 Days and are customized to your choice of product specific to complete offerings. Cost for these video are $245.00 each.

ZuTech Media LLC

Enter to receive a 5 night free Mexican Resort Vacation

Introducing the Loyalty program Freemium for you to drive customers to your loyalty or rewards program. We have them text to entry for a free 5 night stay at a resort in Mexico or a 3 night stay in Las Vegas or Orlando FL. Plus we create a video with your brand for your website or social media.

You want to have a reason for your customers to opt into your text program with their mobile numbers. These numbers are the life blodd of your repeat business now and in the future. Our program is unlimited 5 night stay giveaways for $199.00 per month with our text basic plan included with a $199.00 set up.